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The Matrix: Reloaded

Got my ticket for tonight. nuff said.

edited at 2003-05-15 22:56
I got back from the movie about an hour ago. It was definately good, though the hype I had created in my mind set me up for a slight let-down.

Just a couple of comments:

  • The chase scene seemed to drag on forever
  • The music was not as good in this one as the first, though to be totally sure I would need to listen to the soundtrack CD. That is not to say that the music is bad, it just didn’t get me like the first one did
  • They should have had their 3D animators spend more time in the first ‘100 Smith’ fighting scene. At times Neo plus some of the Smiths looked like one of those rubber Gumby toys from our childhood, all stretched out and not looking very human like.

At any rate, if you loved or even liked the first one you need to see the second one!


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