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Dean and the “conspiracy” over 9/11

It looks like Howard Dean has mentioned the “Saudis told Bush about 9/11” conspiracy theory again.

James Lileks Newhouse.com article has a synopsis of a Dean interview with Diane Rehm.

Dean, talking to Diane Rehm — the Mother Teresa of Beltway radio — excoriated Bush for undue privacy in the Sept. 11 investigation. It produced some “interesting” theories, Dean said, such as the idea that the Saudis warned Bush of the imminent attack.

Dean’s claim is that he is just bringing to light that as long as Bush’s 9/11 documents are sealed we don’t know for sure what happened. Lileks takes Dean’s aim and uses it against him; but I think there is a different purpose behind it.

To get the population to believe that the Saudis DID tell Bush that 9/11 would happen. If you take anything, whether true or not, and repeat it often enough people begin to believe it. Want to see it happen for yourself? Find a nice quiet place then just blurt out a word then sit in silence and think about whether you really just said something. It may take a while but eventually as your actions leave your short term memory you will begin to truly doubt whether you really did say something aloud or if you just thought you did.

Fun for hours (I used to do this when I was 5 or 6 and had nothing to do; living in an area where there were no other kids near-by).

The same will begin to happen with Dean’s “interesting theory”. As it gets repeated more and more often, the “theory” part will eventually get shifted to the sidelines in people’s minds.

This happens quite often in politics and the most famous one I can think of is those 16 words made during the 2003 State of the Union address. A show of hands: How many of you remember (without looking them up) the 16 words in question being about the US discovering Saddam was trying to buy uranium from Africa?

Here are the 16 words: “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” Where in there did the US discover that Saddam was trying to buy uranium from Africa?

I think I’ve droned on for long enough now 🙂


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