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Call of Duty, revisited

Christmas provided an excellent opportunity for me to buy and then play the full Call of Duty game.

The game itself was just as good as the two demos. There were a few missions that were a pain, but after a few tries it was generally easy to get past the sticky spots.

If you didn’t read my demo review from November 17th I mentioned that I would be getting it ASAP. My plans changed when I slipped up and made mention to my dad that I thought the game was good, but was going to wait for someone to have it on sale. Being somewhat close to Christmas I decided to wait to see if that could have been one of the presents under the tree.

It wasn’t under the tree, but EBGames had the game for $39.99, free 2-nd day air, and a $10 gift voucher on it so I was able to snag it cheaply.

In the game you play the role of three soldiers, one for each of the US, Great Britain, and Russia. For each country you play through a few missions as a soldier from that country then you move on to the next. I would guess you play 7 missions for each, then it rotates around again to tie up a few loose ends in the march to Berlin.

The game itself is beautiful and works flawlessly on my PC. The only downside is that some of the missions can feel extremely linear. The Russian mission to hold the tank repair facility comes to mind here. Throughout there is never any real question as to where you need to go next because there are no side paths that could lead you the wrong way. The open battlefield missions were much better in this regard because you weren’t confined to hallways.

But I don’t think its too bad to say my only gripe is its linearity!

Oh, crap; I found another gripe. In another Russian mission you had to snipe out four nazi commanders that were calling for re-enforcements on their front line. The first two were easy to find, just look down from the window in the room you were in and they were there; but I spent the next 15 minutes trying to find the other two. Eventually one of the Russian soliders getting shot at by the front line killed one of the commanders while I eventually found the other one. But I guess that is real life for you, you wouldn’t expect the commands to be wearing hunter orange!

If you like First Persion Shooters get this game!.


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