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24 questions you’ll never hear asked of the candidates

Lots of good questions in this list from Tech Central Station.

For Wesley Clark:

In a speech at the University of Iowa, you conceded that the war in Kosovo, which you commanded, was “technically illegal.” Several international organizations have concluded likewise. You also conceded that had the Kosovo campaign been put to a UN Security Council vote, it most certainly would not have survived the veto of either Russia or China. The Clinton administration’s claims of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo letter proved to be exaggerated, and in any case, post-war retribution on the Serbs was far worse than the genocide we intervened to stop. When weighing the brutality of Milosevic vs. Saddam, the threat each posed to the United States, and the degree of international support for each campaign, can you today still claim that the war in Kosovo was proper, but the war with Iraq wasn’t? If so, how?


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