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They did WHAT?!?

Kim du Toit links over to an article at FrontPage Magazine.

Kim focused on the first part of the article, so I’ll focus on the second part.

Despite the backlog [of untranslated wiretaps and documents in Arabic], Feghali told Edmonds and other translators to just let the work pile higher, according to Edmonds. Why? Money. She says Feghali, who has recruited family and friends to work with him at the high-paying language unit, argued that Congress would approve an even bigger budget for it if they could continue to show big backlogs.

We were told to take long breaks, to slow down translations, and to simply say ‘no’ to those field agents calling us to beg for speedy translations so that they could go on with their investigations and interrogations of those they had detained,” said Edmonds, who was fired without specified cause by the FBI after she reported breaches in security, mistranslations and potential espionage by Middle Eastern colleagues.

My emphasis. Celebrating 9/11 is one thing — still disgusting — but then the group basically extorted the government by intentionally letting the work pile up. THIS is why the President refused to allow unions into the new government jobs. Now if this just got out there maybe some heads would roll.

High Blood Pressure Alert indeed, Kim.


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