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Microsoft Source Code Leaked

I know, old news by now; but I haven’t seen any mention of one thing in the few blogs I read yet.

This WaPo article mentions at the very bottom something that could be of concern to MS.

Microsoft last year said it would began sharing complete copies of its source code with governments around the world that want to validate the security of the software before deploying it in national defense and other sensitive areas. Microsoft signed an agreement in 2003 that lets the Australian government inspect the source code of Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Other counties, including India, are exploring similar arrangements.

Earlier in that same article they mention that the source leaked was some 660MB or 1 CD worth of data.

Could the leak be stemming from these arrangements with various governments? That 1 CD worth seems like an awful conveinent number for someone to have hacked in and stolen just that much. Even when it is incomplete.

I’m also wondering about the claim to the source code being 40GB of code and data, when they claim that Windows has 40 million lines of code that means approx. each million lines is 1GB, far too large to be true. Now maybe the 40GB is including every fork in the codebase?

Beats me, I’m just waiting to leave for the vets office.


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