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Dividing the Country

I’ve seen this phrase a few times lately, usually of the form “George Bush is dividing this country.” James Hoffa used a similar line in an interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

HOFFA: Well, you know, when he came in, if you remember, he was going to be the compassionate conservative. He has divided this city unbelievably, divided the whole country.

We’ve been divided in this country for a long time, just look at the 2000 election to see how divided we are. 9/11, while a traumatic event for this country, isn’t enough to keep us united on everything forever. Pearl Harbor united us in the war effort, but it didn’t take long for that to fall back to the usual divisions after the war.

We will always differ on something, whether it be in how we retaliate to getting attack or whether we should retaliate in the first place. There is nothing new with the division today except the names and faces are different and we’re a bit more socially liberal than before.


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