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Edwards’ Voting Record for 108th Congress

I hope someone finds this useful, cause I don’t ever want to look at C-SPAN’s website again.

Votes were found using C-SPAN’s Congressional Vote Search and written down from there by me. After I finished for the 108th Congress I then went through and tallied up the votes by month, then got a total. Then I back-tracked and got how many votes were held for each month. Congress is on break in August and December so there will be no votes at that time.

I would have tried to make this look better by slapping it in a table, but WordPress tends to munge those up so badly that it loses data.

Month – Votes Cast / Total Votes Taken – Percentage Cast

February ’04 – 0 / 8 – 0.0%
January ’04 – 0 / 6 – 0.0%
November – 5 / 27 – 18.5%
October – 21 / 62 – 33.9%
September – 3 / 49 – 6.1%
July – 37 / 59 – 62.7%
June – 44 / 60 – 73.3%
May – 56 / 66 – 84.8%
April – 22 / 24 – 91.7%
March – 63 / 75 – 84.0%
February ’03 – 6 / 8 – 75.0%
January ’03 – 24 / 29 – 82.8%

Total – 281 / 473 – 59.4%

Update: My math is a little off on the totals somewhere…while figuring out the values for Kerry I noticed that there were only 24 votes in April, not the 25 my original totals show. Somehow I also added an extra vote in there. I have no idea where that extra vote came from since I can clearly see 2 votes are missing from the vote numbers I wrote down. I can only assume that when I broke them down by day I missed that 117 was a NV when it was on the boundry between 4/3 and 4/2. I will double check these values once I finish Kerry.

I expect Kerry’s to be more accurate since I’m not writing down the vote numbers just whether or not a vote was cast so I don’t need to do any math to determine how many votes were cast in a range.

Update: Found the offending 3 extra total votes, May, April, and March were all up by one so now the total of the total votes each month will equal the total.

Update: Forgot to update the grand total after fixing errors


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2 thoughts on “Edwards’ Voting Record for 108th Congress

  1. Good research. I hate slogging through that site. 😦
    Wanna do it for Kerry too?

    Posted by JasonH | February 18, 2004, 7:24 pm
  2. I should have known someone would ask that. I can do it, but I think I better snag some lunch first. ETA 2.5 hours.

    Posted by James T. Johnson | February 18, 2004, 7:38 pm

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