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Two-Faced Kerry

Andrew Sullivan presents a Fisking of Kerry’s comments made at the debate in Minnesota.

Well, what we have here is a clear and damning difference. Bush thinks we are at war. Kerry seems to believe that unless you have higher employment and expanded health insurance, we are vulnerable to terrorism. Then he says, “You can’t be safe at home today unless you are also safe abroad.” That seems like a direct refutation of the previous sentence. Ah, I’m beginning to get it. The two parts of the answer are designed for two constituencies: doves and hawks. Once again, Kerry’s response to a simple yes or no question is: both.

If I’m ever bored enough to watch a debate amongst the democrats again I’ll keep watching for this stuff. Until then the next debate I’ll be watching will feature President Bush against Kerry or Edwards. If it is against Kerry I hope Bush (and his team) keep him primed to defend against such tactics.

Found by Jay Reding


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