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The worst game manual…ever

About a week ago I picked up Unlimited SaGa from EBGames since it had dropped to the greatest hits price level of $19.99. I’ve been busy playing the other game I picked up $1.99, StarLancer (the prequel to FreeLancer) so I didn’t even unwrap Unlimited SaGa until last night.

I took a quick glance through the manual and it seemed fairly straight forward so I jumped in today. After getting through the first real battle I realized I needed to take another look at that manual because I had no idea what I was doing. After reading through it I think I get what’s going on so I complete the quest I’m on and begin another. In this one I have to roam around an area picking up a certain kind of stone along the way and I only have so long to do it in (with moving around working like a giant boardgame this translates into a certain number of moves).

All was going well, I found a lot of those stones before time was up and returned to the goal at the end. But I get told I only had 3 stones, which were given to me just before I finished the area.

Time to revisit that manual. Here is what the section on items and treasure chests says:

During the adventure (moving phase) you may find items such as keys and herbs, and treasure chests filled with Kr. (money), equipment or material. Herbs can restore HP and sometimes LP (see page 20 for information on using herbs and picking up items). Materials found in shops, treasure chests and randomly dropped by enemies can be used at Mythe Works or the Blacksmith to restore equipment’s durability and create powerful weapons. Certain items may be needed to complete scenarios. If you have chosen Armic as your protagonist, you will need to collect over 70 items from various adventures for the rain-making ritual and the completion of Armic’s story.

That’s it, no mention of how to retreive those items or open those chests.

I had to refer to a FAQ from GameFAQs in order to find out that when I find an item or chest I have to go to the Skill screen and select it from there.

Good going Square-Enix, I just wasted an hour playing into the game and I missed lots of stuff already. Time to start over.


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