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Prison Break!

File this one under humorous.

Yesterday around 2:30 my mom gets a call from my grandma’s boyfriend telling her there is a prison break going on at the prison in St. Louis. He knew this because the prison’s have a siren that goes off for various reasons one of which is attempted escape (or successful escape), following the siren he listened to his police scanner and heard there was an attempted escape at the prison.

What he didn’t know is which of the prisons had the attempted escape. After 30 minutes or so we were sure it wasn’t the prison my mom worked at because she would have been called in. So we put that behind us until my mom was able to get more details when she went to work last night.

Today we asked her what happened, below is a combination of what she told me, what I heard on the radio, and what I know of the prison my mom works at.

Two inmates took black shoe polish and painted their clothes black. Then they crafted two patches to look like the patches worn on the correctional officer’s uniforms. They proceeded to leave the facility, first through their housing unit, then to the front building (which contains a security room where both exits are opened remotely via what they call the “bubble”). They went out the front doors of the building and were one gate away from freedom, when the guards at the gate realized that they didn’t know who these ‘officers’ were and tackled them. I’m not sure what happened after that but their attempt failed and they’ll get another 5 years of prison and get moved to another facility.

I’m sure whoever was in the bubble is gonna get yelled at by the warden.

Good thing this didn’t happen at my mom’s prison, once you get out of the front building there isn’t a front gate to go through then. But I guess that is the difference between a minimum and medium security prison.

A rather crappy article about the attemted escape from local ABC affiliate WJRT.


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