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The advantages of having refactoring support in your IDE

Its really nice to make what could be considered a large, sweeping change and have that change take place in all occurances of your code automatically. In my case I renamed some of my forms to end with “Dialog” since they were in fact dialog boxes rather than regular forms.

All I did was rename the file from “EnterPassword.cs” to “EnterPasswordDialog.cs” the IDE took care of everything else: Renaming the class in the source files, “EnterPasswordDialog.cs” and “EnterPasswordDialog.Designer.cs”, renaming any usage of the class to EnterPasswordDialog. And of course you get to preview all of the changes before they are made.

This probably wasn’t too big of a deal because most of the dialogs I wrote weren’t hooked into the program yet so the only changes made were to the two files for that dialog. But since you can rename any class, it could become a big deal when you are renaming a class that is used all throughout your codebase.

Maybe its not a really big deal; but anything that saves me from having to hunt through the source code for references is a good thing in my book.

Refactoring C# Code Using Visual Studio 2005 covers more of the refactoring features available; but it didn’t touch on what I mentioned above.


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