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Doom3 Findings

I just saw an ad for the zboard keyboard (its a keyboard with different layouts to make playing specific games easier, with keys re-arranged and labeled specifically for what that key does). This ad was for the doom3 keyboard and I see a few interesting things there:

1) There is a button labeled “Soul Cube”
2) There are 10 weapon buttons: Fists, Pistol, Shotgun, Machinegun, Chaingun, Grenades, Plasmagun, Rockets, BFG, Chainsaw
3) There is a PDA/Score button so it looks like there is going to be something important going on with the tab key
4) There is a “Cons.” button, no idea what that is
5) There is a Sprint button…looks like we may have to worry about running for long periods of time
6) There is also a reload button
7) Quicksave/Quickload buttons, horray for never making a mistake in single player

[The list above was copied and pasted from an IM chat with a friend so wording may not be standard for my blog]

Amazing what one little picture can tell you 😀

7 Days to release!


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