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Woohoo! Half-Life 2 to start preloading tomorrow

According to Gabe Newell they will start preloading HL2 for steam users tomorrow.

HL/2 pre-load will begin tomorrow. It was ready yesterday, but we decided to use the bandwidth to get out the VST first since I get pelted with zillions of questions from people asking how their PC will run Half-Life 2.

In related news I tried out the Counter Strike: Source beta earlier and was immediately welcomed with a missing texture. Initial reaction to that aside the first thing I had to do was run the video stress test. Running at 1024×768 (default resolution) I had averaged 38.98fps, much much better than Doom 3 runs. Unfortunately while it does go through a lot of nice looking effects, it doesn’t display the FPS as it runs and it doesn’t move fast enough to tell when there is a big FPS hit.

Beyond that I didn’t get to actually play any counter strike, because every single server was full. I’m not that big of a fan of Counter Strike anyway, so I’ll just wait for Half-Life 2 like a good little fanboy.


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