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Why is this news?

Wal-Mart Worker Fired Over Semi-Nude Photo

Gist of the story, 65 year-old man’s friend splice his head over a guy wearing nothing but a Wal-Mart bag…old guy uses photo as a joke while working as a store greeter telling customers that Wal-Mart is cutting costs so much that the photo shows his new uniform. After some complaints old guy is told to stop showing photo by supervisor…five days later old guy shows photo again and is fired.

Yet it appears on the front page of Yahoo.

To answer the heading: It’s news because Wal-Mart fired someone for not conforming with “traditional values.” The same reason why it was big news when Wal-Mart stopped carrying certain magazines because of complaints from customers.

I don’t care where you work, but when your boss says to stop doing something and you do it again there isn’t any just reason to think you wouldn’t get reprimanded or fired. Especially when the request was reasonable.

For what its worth the judge thinks it was pretty stupid too:

Wooten’s application for unemployment compensation was rejected by an administrative law judge, who said “a reasonable person would know the act of showing a naked body wearing a Wal-Mart sack would not be good for the employer’s business.”


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One thought on “Why is this news?

  1. “worker” “fired” “nude” “photo” – when you have those 4 words in a sentence, it’s a sure thing that it’s gonna be news 🙂

    Posted by Nish | January 10, 2005, 7:14 am

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