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.NET 2.0

Tell them what you think

Shawn Burke is asking if you would like to have the source code to Windows Forms v2.0; let him know what you think.

Update: Shawn made that post on the 3rd, and on the morning of the 4th he already posted an update…but no body appears to be linking to it; so here it is.

Wow, thanks so much to each of you that left comments for my last post! Very helpful, and there are some really good ideas in there. Just to wrap up and respond to a few things:

* The comments need to be scrubbed not because I know there is anything bad in there (I don’t think there really is), it’s that I can’t be sure that there isn’t. So getting rid of them completely is a brute-force approach to making sure nothing slips through. You have to understand that I’m operating in a very risk-averse environment.
* Many of you said “only do this if it doesn’t delay .NET 2.0” which is right on the money. If this would or could cause any delay, it won’t happen. That’s why I’m trying to figure out the absolute cheapest proposal here.


So I’ve got what I was looking for (can I call it a ‘mandate’???), I’ll go see what I can do. No promises but I’m feeling optimistic. Thanks again.


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