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Two lawmakers want indecency laws to apply to pay-to-access broadcasts

This is the post that had me angry earlier: Senator Ted Stevens [and Rep. Joe Barton R-TX] Wants to Take Your Skinemax Away (I added the bit about Barton). The title is meant to be funny, but the topic is definately not. I’ve been angry about this topic since I heard Joe Barton on Neil Cavuto’s show yesterday…which reminds me, I set my TiVo to it record the replay last night.

So far I have sided with the FCC when it comes to the indecency policy because the public airwaves are just that…public. And going from memory the government has promised us that “indecent” material will not be allowed between 6am and midnight. However, there is no such promise when it comes to pay-for-access broadcasts, nor should there be. The only regulation the government should enforce is that all pay-for-access broadcasters offer the ability to block unwanted channels, for free. This ensures that someone can still pay to access the content they want, but leave other bundled channels blocked. An even better move would be to offer ala carte choice; but possibly at a higher cost to the subscriber.

The last point is where I disagree with other libertarian/conservative bloggers; in a family that has no qualms about what is on cable our tastes are varried enough that I can’t imagine we would pay less if we went ala carte with our programming. That isn’t to say I can’t see the benefits, I really can; but it wouldn’t benefit everyone.


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