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Three Years Ago

Three years ago today my grandfather passed away. It was the day after Father’s Day 2002. My grandma called the house at 5:30am giving us the news, I had been up most of the night; but my mom was just about to leave for work so she got to the phone first. I knew right away what happened.

On Father’s Day I can’t remember if we picked my grandma up to take her to the nursing home or if she was already there…I suspect the latter since it was so late in the day. On our way to the home we stopped at McDonald’s and picked up a small ice cream; one of his favorites. When we got there my aunt and her sister were feeding him dinner; the ice cream would have to wait. He didn’t look good though; just a few days before he had looked the best we’d seen him in months. He was out of it enough that when we finally left I didn’t say goodbye.

I’ve regretted that last inaction for three years now.


About James

I am a Senior Developer/Consultant for InfoPlanIT, LLC. I previously spent over 7 years as a Product Manager for what eventually became ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity. While there, I helped to create ActiveReports 7, GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis, and Data Dynamics Reports.


2 thoughts on “Three Years Ago

  1. I remember – you were pretty much down for a couple of weeks.

    Posted by Nish | June 17, 2005, 7:22 am
  2. Your story reminds me of when my grandfather died. My grandparents lived about 45 minutes away from my house so we saw them about every weekend. One Thursday my mother made the trip to visit them. I don’t remember why she went on Thursday, but it wasn’t anything important… no one was sick and it wasn’t a special occassion. I decided to stay home that Thursday because I planned to see them over the weekend. My grandfather died on Friday. My decision to stay home that Thursday haunted me for years.

    Several years later when I was away at college, my grandmother became ill and they thought she was going to die. When my mother told me, I freaked out. I wanted to make the trip to see my grandmother, but I could not make it home in time (if the doctors were correct). When she asked me why I was so upset, I reminded her about when my grandfather died and that I didn’t get to tell him bye. She told me that it wasn’t my fault, I was just a young teenager when he died, and that you never know when someone is going to die. I knew all of this, but I felt much better after talking with her. I still feel bad about it, but not like before.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to say goodbye to your grandfather. I hope you’re able to feel better about it one day soon.

    Posted by Jim | June 20, 2005, 7:39 pm

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