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Friday Cat Blogging

Yeah; it’s a little late in the day…but it’s still Friday; and I hadn’t posted anything in a while.

Here are Mr. Wobbles (left) and Shadow (right) sitting/playing in a cat bed. They must have seen me coming with the camera because they decided to start playing here. When I went to fetch the camera Mr. Wobbles was laying next to Shadow with his arm on her side.
Shadow and Mr. Wobbles playing in a cat bed

Three more pictures follow.

More of the cat bed. Here Mr. Wobbles is showing you his pink belly. But don’t touch it, those claws are sharp!
More of the cat bed.  Here Mr. Wobbles is showing you his pink belly.

The cat bed again, this time Mr. Wobbles is sneaking up on Shadow’s tail. At least I think that’s what he’s doing. Right after this they started fighting, and when I broke that up he went and laid in the cat carrier.

A few hours later Mr. Wobbles came into my room to sleep in my desk; he doesn’t look to comfortable here. In the background you see some of the items Shadow has knocked off the back of my desk.


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