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Xbox 360 prices announced

Of course it is something gaming related to bring me out of my posting slump.

Major Nelson gives us the press release:

…Xbox 360™ — the most powerful and feature-packed next-generation video game and entertainment system — for as little as $299.99 U.S./€299.99/£209.99 starting this holiday season. For gamers who want to experience the ultimate digital entertainment thrill ride, Microsoft also announced a model with hundreds of dollars worth of accessories for $399.99 U.S./€399.99/£279.99, giving consumers the definitive entertainment experience at an unbelievable value right out of the box.

Seeing that they really did separate the hard drive between the two packages is disappointing; just look at what happened to the PS2’s hard drive because it wasn’t standard. At least the memory cards are 64MB; I just hope most save files are smaller than a MB.

Two disappointing aspects is that even with the premium edition I find two things missing: Rechargable battery pack and the charge and play cable. Not to mention only 30 hours of playtime on two AA batteries. I only had to change the batteries once on my Wavebird while playing through Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door…I don’t think I had to change them at all while playing through Tales of Symphonia. And seeing that I’m an RPG freak that long battery life is essential.

The upshot to this is that their is supposed to be a battery indicator on the controller so I should at least know when I’m going to be in trouble. I know a couple times I found myself changing batteries mid-game because the Wavebird started acting funky.

I suppose the only other thing to do is find a small HD TV 🙂

Still no firm release date or MSRP for games.

On a side note: I don’t really care for the way this post is written but I need to break my slump so I’m going to post it anyway.


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