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LINQ with VS2005 RTM

Apparently MS already released a tech. preview of LINQ for Beta 2; but now Scott Wiltamuth lets everyone know an updated version is available that works with the RTM version.

The preview package is 7.1MB and I’ll update this post once I figure out what the preview includes. Perhaps I should do a backup before I install, that way I can move back painlessly if LINQ really messes up VS2005.

Update Nov. 3, 2005 @ 1:56am

I now have LINQ installed and I must say that it is pretty interesting to see. The install is quick and painless and appears that you can uninstall without any side-effects. All of the LINQ functionality is done with an updated C# compiler so no changes are made to the CLR; just the backend compiler used by VS2005. I warn you, that running Reflector over a LINQ enabled executable is likely to make you insane. Lots of delegates and classes with generic names can be a major headache to sort through.

The DLINQ samples are really impressive; it looks like strongly typed database access. And it is! The strongly typed database class is generated by an included program called SQLMetal. This class is then used by DLINQ to provide access and updates to the database behind the scenes. 😀

I hope that Microsoft continues to give us these previews, it would be even better if they would give us a go live license for this technology….but I’m not holding my breath.


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