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No code updates this weekend

I took a trip back to Michigan to pick up my desk and some of my books (a night stand was on that list, but I ran out of room). I left shortly after 5pm on Friday and got back to Columbus around 2pm today (Sunday)…the next 7 hours were spent unloading, exchanging my dad’s cell phone, and getting lost because some genius didn’t build a bridge to continue a major road. I guess I wasn’t totally lost, I knew the direction I had to go but the map I had didn’t show any road names for that area of town.

Now that I’m back home I’ve put up my wallscrolls, put my books in the bookcase, set up my desk, and now await my next challenge…getting to work at a decent time because I’ve only had 6 hours of sleep.


About James

I am a Senior Developer/Consultant for InfoPlanIT, LLC. I previously spent over 7 years as a Product Manager for what eventually became ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity. While there, I helped to create ActiveReports 7, GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis, and Data Dynamics Reports.


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