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Way to go Boston

Normally seeing this kind of news would upset me, but it wouldn’t have taken 10 minutes on the part of an employee to avoid the whole problem.

Mayor to Bill Sony for Launch Day Costs

According to a local news station, Boston’s mayor, Thomas Menino, says he plans to send an invoice to the Sony Style store in Copley Place Mall for city costs incurred during the PlayStation 3 launch day.

Reports note that Menino says the city is not in the mood to pay for the 12 police officers that had to be dispatched to the Sony Style store at Copley Place. Rather than pay for the officers’ pay out of the city’s General Fund, Menino says he will be sending a bill to the Sony Style store.

So why do I blame Sony? Easy, every time I’ve waited outside CompUSA or GameStop for some big deals or preorders its always been done in an orderly manner. The stores execute this in two ways…first get everyone in a line, second hand out item vouchers to people in line in order. Can’t get a voucher for the item you want? Too bad, so sad.

Now this sort of easy process wouldn’t work in all cases. For example there would be a ton of work for any big-box store to do the same thing with all of the items they put on sale the day after thanksgiving. However, they can and should do it for the ‘big items’ that they know people are coming for.

I know the whole idea of these deals is to get people in the store so they’ll buy something else while they’re there…but sometimes you’ve got to realize that putting people’s health in jeopardy just isn’t worth it.


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