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So it must be true, you do learn something new everyday. Practically everyone knows of the rings of Saturn, and many people know of the rings around Uranus and Neptune. However, I didn’t know that Jupiter also had has a ring system.

I discovered this while reading the mission plan for New Horizon’s Jupiter encounter.

[Feb. 24] 05:30 [Days after closest approach] -4.01 [Event] Rings: search for embedded ringmoons (LORRI)
Because of its communications problems, Galileo was unable to perform searches for as-yet-undiscovered moons in Jupiter’s ring system. New Horizons will perform the most detailed survey of Jupiter’s rings to date: LORRI will take 49 images over 8 hours.

Parts in bold are my own text.

via The Planetary Society blog

[Edit: changed some wording from past to present tense]


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