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New build of Data Dynamics Reports available

Over 4 months in the making, and it shows; I just uploaded a new build of Data Dynamics Reports to the site.

This build introduces many new features and even more fixes for issues that users have reported.

In the next month or two we’ll be debuting an enhanced setup application, a new chart type, and more fixes.

Release notes follow the break:

New Features:

  • 102299 – It is now possible to specify the default target for links on the web viewer control.
  • 111430 – The Data Source smart panel now displays the connection properties page by default.
  • 111432 – When typing an HTML color value, # will be prepended automatically if it is needed.
  • 118089 – Textboxes can now be placed over existing report items using the mouse, previously this could only be done with the keyboard.
  • 121022 – The Object Data Provider will now use a TypeConverter if one is supplied when pulling values from object properties.
  • 121632 – The page border can now be disabled when using the windows forms viewer control.
  • 122807 – It is now possible to create a blank report that is ready to be used with a Master Report via an API call.
  • 124763 – A custom resource locator can now be specified on the User Designer Control allowing custom resources to be used at design time and within the preview tab of the designer.
  • 35195 – Setting the default page orientation of a report is now more intuitive.

Fixed Issues:

  • 107016 – Reports using a banded list and master reports in a certain configuration will no longer run forever.
  • 109667 – The Chart, Bullet graph, and sparkline data regions and report item now contain data output options in their smart panels.
  • 110195 – Using the “Select All” command in a content report no longer selects items outside of the content placeholders.
  • 111125 – The Data Explorer should no longer be completely collapsed when loading a report from a stream.
  • 112388 – The visual studio design time behavior of the user designer control has been improved.
  • 113585 – The designer snap-to-grid now functions better when grid spacing is using metric units.
  • 113716 – The crystal import utility no longer generates invalid matrices when importing reports. It also provides better error information when it cannot import items from the report.
  • 114195 – Borders on matrix cells are properly exported to Excel.
  • 116378 – Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a new data source.
  • 117165 – Intellisense in the code tab now reflects the assemblies that are available to the report.
  • 117348 – The vertical alignment property of the textbox now works at design time. Note: It will not be displayed while editing a textbox.
  • 117656 – Improved designer performance in certain cases.
  • 117659 – Rectangles on the body using the ToggleItem or Hidden property now collapse space when required.
  • 117708 – Dragging report items between containers no longer places the control away from where the control was dropped.
  • 119433 – The formatted text report item now uses the same font smoothing as the rest of the report engine when rendering to raster images.
  • 119492 – Lists with a non-constant visibility now render properly.
  • 120199 – Exports from the web viewer control will no longer be initially blocked by internet explorer.
  • 120341 – The table and matrix controls now ignore the Top, Left, Width, and Height of the report item contained within their cells.
  • 120699 – The Globals!PageNumber expression can now be used to control visibility of controls in the page header or footer of a report.
  • 120704 – The grids for editing editing a data source, parameters, or sorting have been updated to make better use of the space available.
  • 121032 – MultiValue parameters no longer repeat addition times for each parameter in the report.
  • 121574 – Fixed an InvalidOperationException that would be intermittently thrown while modifying a report in the designer and reloading it.
  • 121836 – The PlotArea of the chart control has been updated to include only the areas bounded by the axes.
  • 122665 – Fixed an issue that can occur when using data set parameters in connection with multi value parameters when the name of a dataset parameter begins with an ‘@’ symbol.
  • 122943 – A banded list that is nested within a table now resizes correctly.
  • 123063 – The Barcode control can now be used in a page header or footer.
  • 123083 – Deleting a table which contains a nested table no longer produces an exception.
  • 123335 – Updated parameters in the web viewer and re-running the report now updates the report.
  • 123353 – MultiValue parameters can now be nullable.
  • 123590 – An empty report no longer throws an exception when exporting to an image.
  • 123724 – Custom Report Items now collapse the space they occupied when using a conditional expression for visibility.
  • 123774 – The textbox again responds to mouse clicks to position the caret.
  • 123811 – Contextual validation is now performed on matrix and table groups.
  • 123939 – When loading reports from a stream the current working directory is now used as the “base” directory.
  • 125077 – An exception is no longer thrown when dragging a report item onto the separator between the page header and footer that says “Body”.
  • 32885 – Data Dynamics Reports now runs under medium trust again.
  • 33001 – The bullet graph now has additional font properties.
  • 34099 – The textbox background color no longer overlaps the table border by 1pt.
  • 39311 – Tables exported to Word no longer ignore cell borders.
  • 43951 – The True/False radio buttons for boolean report parameters now behave appropriately.
  • 46067 – The Calendar control now has better validation rules associated with it.
  • 48788 – Syntax errors on the custom code tab, will now display the correct line number when a compile error occurs.
  • 51922 – The Dock property of the web viewer control now works correctly.

About James

I am a Senior Developer/Consultant for InfoPlanIT, LLC. I previously spent over 7 years as a Product Manager for what eventually became ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity. While there, I helped to create ActiveReports 7, GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis, and Data Dynamics Reports.


2 thoughts on “New build of Data Dynamics Reports available

  1. Wow, awesome list! Congrat!

    Posted by Luc | February 16, 2009, 7:01 pm

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