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Froyo is good!

Late this evening I rooted my phone and installed the latest leaked build of Android 2.2 “Froyo”.

So far, it’s been awesome. They’ve addressed some issues I’ve had with the mail and calendar apps for a while.

Both deal with using multiple google accounts.

In the gmail app, it took longer than it should have to switch between the mailboxes for both accounts. Sure, I got good at it, but I can’t the number of times muscle memory had me hitting the wrong menu items because I was reading an email instead of looking at the list. Now there is a simple button on the mail interface that will allow to quickly change the account you are looking at.

The calendar app now supports syncing to multiple google calendars, so I no longer have to keep entering my work related items on my personal calendar. Yay!

As I use it more and more I’ve discovered other hidden and not so hidden features as well, the search bar now let’s you select a category to search in, or it can still search through everything like it did before.

The redesigned dock is nice, however I like the dock in LauncherPro better, because I could customize the buttons. I didn’t have a problem swiping to switch screens and I’d like to reclaim the two buttons taken up by the screen switchers.


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I am a Senior Developer/Consultant for InfoPlanIT, LLC. I previously spent over 7 years as a Product Manager for what eventually became ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity. While there, I helped to create ActiveReports 7, GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis, and Data Dynamics Reports.


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