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ActiveAnalysis: Automatic Encoding

The first new feature I’d like to talk about in ActiveAnalysis is a rather simple one to understand.  Automatic Encoding uses a set of rules to determine the best encoding type to use to analyze your data based on the way attributes and measures are arranged on the shelves.

Looking at Date based data on the column shelf and place a measure on the row shelf?  We’ll automatically use the line encoding.  Not using dates in a similar situation?  We’ll use the bar encoding.

This feature makes it easy for users to concentrate on the data they are looking for answers about and not worry about changing the encoding settings to match the new layout.


About James

I am a Senior Developer/Consultant for InfoPlanIT, LLC. I previously spent over 7 years as a Product Manager for what eventually became ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity. While there, I helped to create ActiveReports 7, GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis, and Data Dynamics Reports.


2 thoughts on “ActiveAnalysis: Automatic Encoding

  1. James,

    Question for you. I moved my blog from my webhost to wordpress (they said the traffic was too high!!) and well it’s all good except I can’t see how to get PRE tag syntax highlighting. And I believe wordpress.com blogs don’t allow 3rd party plugins. Just wondering how you managed to get colorizing.


    Posted by voidnish | September 12, 2010, 7:48 pm
  2. Okay, a minute after I posted that comment, I found this:


    I am not sure I really like the custom tag since it’s wordpress-specific but I guess it’s better than nothing.

    Posted by voidnish | September 12, 2010, 7:51 pm

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