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New Delhi Day 0 (cont’d), 1, and 2: The food post

I’ve been busy, so it took me a few days to write up the last post while I continued my adventures in India.  My days have been filled with meetings and my nights with exploring various places in Delhi, primarily to eat dinner.

Speaking of food….wow, I love the food over here, provided it’s not too spicy of course. J  Of all my meals here, there was only one dish I didn’t really care for.  Unfortunately, except for a couple items I have no idea what it was I was eating most of the time.  A few items I did note: Butter Naan, a type of flat bread is awesome and went well with everything I ate.  Chicken Malai Tikka, pieces of chicken are cooked with very mild seasoning that imparted great flavor.  Butter Chicken, pieces of chicken served in a rich gravy that goes great with the Butter Nan.  There were a few other dishes like the Butter Chicken that I liked but I never caught the names of them, they were slightly spicier than the Butter Chicken as well.

Probably the hardest part about eating the food here for me is that it’s almost all eaten with your hands, which doesn’t combine very well with my almost OCD-like tendencies to keep my hands clean.  Despite that, I enjoyed all of the meals even if I did destroy a few napkins in the process.

My first full day here I was exhausted, though I made it through the whole day there were certainly times where I didn’t think that I would.  Lunch was a simple affair, Papa John’s pizza to ease me into the cuisine.  For dinner we went to Pind Balluchi in the local mall.  Being Valentine’s day, the regular menu was replaced with a special one advertising the day with several special drinks, such as the “Hold Me” mock tail.  I forget the name of the drink I had but it was also Valentine’s day themed and contained a mixture of fruit juices mixed with soda.

Shortly after I returned to the room that night I fell asleep and just happened to wake up in time to realize I forgot to reset my alarm for the earlier start.

Tuesday was filled with several more meetings and the night was spent at an open-air marketplace.  I picked up a couple Pashmina scarves for a total of Rs 1,000 (~$25), thanks to some haggling from some of my coworkers.  Unfortunately, it was starting to get dark by the time I got there so I only took one picture, of some statues that sat over the entrance to the market.  After the market we went to eat at a restaurant in a large market place the British had built into a series of sweeping arcs.

Wednesday wrapped up my meetings and I went to dinner with several of the folks from the office at a rather nice hotel restaurant.  I took a break from the Indian fare and had an old-fashioned steak, with mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables.

Overall, I have to say that I really liked the food in India.  Thought I don’t think I’d be even close to being able to handle the full level of spices used in most of the food.


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One thought on “New Delhi Day 0 (cont’d), 1, and 2: The food post

  1. Remember that “Indian” food is really a non-entity. Each state or region will have different kinds of food. You’ll figure that out once you travel around the country a bit.

    Posted by Nish | May 10, 2011, 11:01 am

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