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Where has the time gone?

Its that time again, I let my blog languish for months on end and return with a post that promises I’ll be more active.

That sounds all great in theory, but I know I’ll wind up in the same rut I’ve been in for months now…stuff I want to talk about but can’t or just can’t find the words for.  Some of that is because I’ve been meaning to post work related things and just haven’t finished them so I feel guilty if I post about other things.

I am going to try to change this.

I’m not going to let that guilt stop me from posting. I’m also going to try to post more frequently, at least once a week. Who knows maybe I can even swing this into writing more articles or video scripts for work (okay, so the scripts are already in progress).

I won’t cheat and call this my post for the week….I hope; that would be a short lived revival if I did.


About James

I am a Senior Developer/Consultant for InfoPlanIT, LLC. I previously spent over 7 years as a Product Manager for what eventually became ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity. While there, I helped to create ActiveReports 7, GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis, and Data Dynamics Reports.


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