How to create a trellis display in Data Dynamics Reports

In this how to article I will cover how you can create a trellis display in Data Dynamics Reports. A trellis is a series of charts which display data in different groupings.

Connect to the shared data source


Add a new data source and edit its properties to make it use a shared reference. Select the ReelsDataSource.rdsx file that is included with the Samples.

Obtain the data to report on


Add a new data set to the data source that was just added to the report. On the General page change the command type to StoredProcedure and set the Query to SalesForRegionAndDistrict. Click the green validate checkmark button.

Create calculated fields to separate the year and month from the sale date


This step is optional, but makes it much easier to create the trellis display as it can be done with just dragging and dropping.

Add two calculated fields, one named Month set to the expression "=[SaleDate].Month" and another named Year set to "=[SaleDate].Year".

Once that is done you can then Accept the smart panel to return to the report design surface.

Drag a Matrix data region onto the report surface


Drag a Matrix to the report design surface. This will construct a new, empty matrix that will accept drag and drop operations to construct the trellis.

Create the row and column groups


Drag the StoreID and the Year fields to the positions displayed in the image. This will construct create a new row for every store and a new column for each year available in the data. We will use the Month field within the chart so it should not be moved out yet.

Resize the matrix


The default size of the row and columns is fine when displaying numerical data in a textbox, but is not suitable for displaying a chart. To fix this, reszie the storeid row height to 4 inches and the year column width to 4 inches

Create the chart


The chart is the focus of the trellis display. Drag out a new chart to the lower right cell to begin creating the trellis.

Create a line chart


Select Line on the chart. Now drag the Quantity field to the "Fields" drop area at the top of the chart and Month to the "Category" grouping area at the bottom of the chart. When finished the chart should look similar to the one above.

Adjust the formatting


You can preview the report now if you wish, however the formatting is sub-optimal for this display. To fix this make the following changes to wind up with a trellis that resembles the one above.

1) Remove the Chart Title
2) Remove the X and Y axis titles
3) Center align the year textbox
4) Vertically center align the store ID textbox
5) Update the text displayed in the StoreID textbox
6) If you’re so inclined you can also update the formatting of the X and Y axis labels to display formatted numbers and month names.

Preview the report


Once you’ve updated the formatting you can preview the report now. You should see a report that looks similar to the following. Congratulations, you’ve created your first trellis display and you’ve begun to unlock the latent business intelligence capabilities found within Data Dynamics Reports.



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