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Time for a change

This week, I turned in my notice to ComponentOne/GrapeCity that I accepted a position with another company. I’ll be joining my friend and former co-worker, Lucas Hardbarger, at InfoPlanIT LLC working as a Senior Developer/Consultant. There, I’ll be putting to use my expertise with .NET, ActiveReports, and GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis to enhance their existing product line … Continue reading

ActiveReports 7 Now Available!

Its done!  ActiveReports 7 is now available for everyone to download and purchase!  This release has been a long time coming, with work beginning back in October of 2010, if I remember correctly. So much work has gone into this release. I’m proud of what the team has accomplished. Now that we have released in … Continue reading

ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity!

Today, GrapeCity has announced that it has acquired ComponentOne!  You can find the news elsewhere…but what I’m excited about is the opportunities we’ll have in the future to make our components even better and leverage our knowledge across the company. So far we don’t have any plans (and I probably couldn’t talk about them anyway), … Continue reading

ActiveReports Developer 7 beta 3, now available!!!

Beta 3 of ActiveReports Developer 7 is now available for download! http://downloads.datadynamics.com/misc/ar7-beta-7.0.4826.0.zip This beta release includes the following new features and fixes: ActiveReports Developer 7 now loads in Visual Studio 2012 RC. This support is beta-quality while Visual Studio is still unreleased. Please let us know of any issues you run into. An updated barcode … Continue reading

Announcing ActiveReports 7 beta!

Monday, GrapeCity released the beta version of the next version of ActiveReports!  We’re still putting up all the web materials, however you can go to the forum post with the announcement and download the beta now and read up on it while we’re working on that. New in this version is a feature we call … Continue reading

Arrrr, there be pirates about!

As some of you may know (or figured out by my last post) I work for a company that sells software, specifically developer components.  Part of my job is keeping up with what people may be saying about our products.  For this, I’ve created several Google Alerts to watch for our products. Saturday I received … Continue reading

Coming Soon: A new Data Dynamics Reports release

I was hoping to post about this last week, but a regression was found in the designer when working with charts and master reports so the release has been delayed. This release will include several new features and a high anticipated designer performance boost. The designer is now more performant when working with large reports. … Continue reading

New Data Dynamics Reports release!

Earlier today I pushed out the next maintenance release for Data Dynamics Reports, v1.6.2084.14.  This new release adds almost a dozen new features and many bug fixes. This release has been the culmination of several months of work and collaboration between the development team in the PowerTools division of GrapeCity and the Global Services division. … Continue reading

ActiveAnalysis: Continuous Attributes

Continuous attributes are one of the new features available in GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis.  In a nutshell, they allow you to convert your numeric and date-based attributes into a continuous line. This is hard to explain with a concise statement, so let’s take an example: Say you are examining sales by date. If you are looking at … Continue reading

ActiveAnalysis: Automatic Encoding

The first new feature I’d like to talk about in ActiveAnalysis is a rather simple one to understand.  Automatic Encoding uses a set of rules to determine the best encoding type to use to analyze your data based on the way attributes and measures are arranged on the shelves. Looking at Date based data on … Continue reading