Here I will post little bits about projects I am working on.

Unless otherwise stated, all work is done in C# using Visual Studio 2010.

Current project:

  • ActiveReports 7

    Still in development, ActiveReports 7 will combine the ActiveReports and Data Dynamics Reports engines into a single product, offering a unified interface, and other unannounced features.

  • Data Dynamics Reports

    Create and deploy canned reports, create dashboards, and other data driven documents with Data Dynamics Reports.  Reports gives developers the tools to create informative and useful documents without writing complex code.  Take advantage of the data engine and pull in data from multiple data sources, impress your users with informative dashboards using the included dashboard controls, surprise the sales analyst when sales data is displayed in the included calendar data region.

  • ActiveAnalysis

    Data analysis for the masses! Don’t get stuck wondering how you can best expose the data to your users, let them run wild with it and perform whatever analysis they need. Data Dynamics Analysis is a real-time data visualization component that lets your users answer the questions they have.

Sidelined projects:

  • IonSort

    Program to sort a set of files into separate directories/zip files, supporting descript.ion files.

  • IronTabs

    A program to help schedule, keep track of, and bill for the hours I spent working for clients.

  • MenuExtenderComponent

    This component is used to change the standard .NET 1.x menus into fancier owner drawn menus supporting bitmaps and an Office XP drawing style. This component used to be available here, but I took down the meat of the article when I couldn’t rewrite the article to include some major bugfixes. Eventually I will revive the project and get the article rewritten yet again.

  • Collector’s Database

    The culmination of years of thinking about writing my Coca-Cola bottle collector’s program correctly. I have been thinking about this program since I first started experimenting with .NET in early 2001. Some day I will actually get beyond the initial stages of the project.



3 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Oh well I just thought I’d say that I’m a newbi still after trying Java for a year then went to C for a year. I found C++ to be easyer than J and C after one year. I’ve now been into C# for a year. I can’t seem to catch-on. I understand the code when reading but when it come s to writing my own code I draw a blank, after a time. I do find C# the easyest to learn.
    Maybe you have a hint or two for me?

    Now I’ll say, your Web Site is really cool, I like the color’s your using.
    the intire layout seems to be just right.

    Posted by Frank M. | September 18, 2005, 2:58 pm
  2. I am currently studying C# and .Net.
    Can someone help me by giving some small projects so that i can work on them and learn more.

    Posted by Nirmala john | November 28, 2006, 11:04 pm
  3. pls help me for how to rotate image using Vb.net 2005.thank

    Posted by glenns | July 10, 2007, 8:23 pm


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